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Monday, 29 December 2008

Farnborough Airshow - Corporate Jets * FBO Farnborough Airport - Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc. - HM Ministry of Defence National Security Case

Farnborough Airshow - TAG Aviation Fraud Bribery Files - EXPLOSIVE - FBO Farnborough Airport Criminal Seizure CPS Prosecution Files - Corporate Jets Fleet Dark Operations - MI6 Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc.- HM Ministry of Defence National Security Case

The US Congress Senate Oversight Committee responsible for the nations security and financial well being are understood to be also taking a close interest in the Carroll Foundation Trust and the parallel massive Carroll Maryland Trust cases. The interest is believed to center around the Carroll Aircraft Corporation global reach interests which were based at the world renowned HM Ministry of Defence Farnborough Airport establishment embracing a strategic research development facility involving "just about every form of aviation development you could imagine" under the umbrella of the Defence Research Agency (DRA) the Farnborough Aerospace Development Corporation Plc. (FADC) the Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc. (CAC) and the Strategic Research & Development Corporation Plc. (SRDC).

The Carroll Aircraft's global reach interests embraced over three hundred and fifty million dollars of military-industrial complex holdings on a world wide basis including aviation assets which are thought to have involved Gulfstream corporate jets and TU-134 aircraft together with a full spectrum of civilian and military helicopters. In a sensational further twist it has emerged that HSBC Holdings Plc. were the main banking institution for the Carroll Global Corporation Group which ultimately fell victim of a co-ordinated multiple criminal seizure operation which saw the virtual vaporisation of one of the HM Ministry of Defence's primary external operating contractors known at the time of these shocking events as the Farnborough Aerospace Development Corporation Plc and the Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc.

Sources have now disclosed that the Carroll Aircraft Corporation group structures were utilised within the framework of a co-ordinated trans-national crime syndicate operation which effectively impulsed the criminal liquidation and tax fraud embezzlement of over a staggering one billion dollars of the Carroll Trust's world wide interests. Further sources have revealed that the FBI Washington DC field office elite law enforcement officers charged with this case of international importance have recently obtained Carroll Aircraft Group case files which are understood to contain a startling litany of forged and falsified corporations directly linked to fraudulent HSBC International offshore numbered bank accounts incorporated in the Bahamas Gibraltar the British Virgin Islands and the City of London.

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Farnborough Airshow - Spectacular True Story - EXPLOSIVE - The Aviator Howard Hughes * Carroll Trust Estate Interests Graphic Images - Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc. - HM Ministry of Defence National Security Case

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Farnborough Airshow - HSBC International Offshore *Bahamas *Cayman Islands *Gibraltar Crime Syndicate Files - Carroll Aircraft Corporation Plc. - HM Ministry of Defence National Security Case

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